Why Choose Pest Free SA?

Given the choice between a chemical based pest control solution or a 100% Chemical Free Green solution, what would you choose?

  • Pest Free S.A. utilise the latest state of the art, most technologically advanced systems to eradicate and control infestations within the premises in a 100% chemical free manner, and thereafter protect from future unwanted pest invasions.
  • Our systems are HACCP endorsed and comply strictly with the foodstuffs Act.
  • Our monthly inspection service is professional, hassle free, efficient and affordable
  • All our products are either: SABS, HACCP, CE, EMC compliant and endorsed.

  • Chemical pesticides are becoming weaker and hence deliver poorer results. The new foodstuffs act forbids pesticides to be used in proximity to food as contamination is high focus risk. Due to these laws and restrictions, pest controllers may be tempted to contravene the law, in order to deliver results, this could end up with you, the client being at huge risk in terms of Health and safety regulations and liable for a severe fine.
  • In some cases pesticides cause asthma, nausea, vomiting, headaches or dizziness. In others it can cause severe and permanent nerve or brain damage, sometimes resulting in death.
  • Pesticides are only partially effective against crawling insects and rodents because:
    Pesticides don’t always get into the walls and ceilings, where the pest’s nests.
  • The new legal pesticides have a short residual killing power and some are not all that effective.
  • Cockroaches and rodents can detect, mark and avoid pesticides and bait.
  • Cockroaches become immediately immune to any chemical used against them. Some packaged spray packs continually alter their chemical composition because the cockroaches are so quick in developing their immunity that the old sprays will have no effect.
  • Traditional Pest Controllers rely only upon the fact that they can only poison infestation problems once they invade your premises with harmful and toxic chemicals that have dire ramifications.

“The truly GREEN Structural Pest Management Specialists”

We offer our clients a cost effective, 100% chemical free solutions in dealing with nuisance pests.