Pest Free Commercial Unit

pest_free_commercialThe Pest Free Commercial is the only unit of its kind in the world today. Being highly advanced in engineering, electronics and design our commercial unit has been operating successfully throughout Australia and Overseas Countries since 1996.

The Commercial Unit operates in a unique way:

  • No Chemicals, No Fumes, No Smell and No Mess.
  • Family Safe, Non Toxic and Environmentally Responsible.
  • Long Term Cost Effective and Maintenance Free.
  • Certified by the New South Wales Office of Energy (Safety Standard Certificate Number: CS6455-N), and is “C” Tick Approved.
  • Covers an area up to 1000 sq meters.
  • 2 Year Un-Conditional Warranty.

The Plug-in Pest Free Commercial System has enjoyed huge success in Government Departments, Councils, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Factories, Hospitals, Dairies, Wineries, Hotels and other similar outlets that demand safe, effective and environmentally friendly pest management without the use of Toxic Chemicals.

If you care about our environment and your staff and customers you need to Plug-In a Pest Free into your Business.

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