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Safe, Environmentally Friendly Pest Control at prices you can afford!

As your local GREEN pest control company our main objective is to rid your premises of pests in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We are always up to date on the latest and safest methods to keep you and your premises safe.

Our core focus is on pests that are most problematic that being Rodents, Cockroaches, and flying insects.

Our products can form part of your HACCP regime, to help ensure that any possible risk to consumers is minimised. Whether it is in a food preparation area or restaurant, our solutions help save money, satisfy customers and meet regulatory requirements.

Pest Free SA provides custom attention and care to the unique needs of our customers. Each of our packages includes the following steps:

A professional representative will meet with you on site for an initial inspection in order to assess your premises’ requirements and provide you with an accurate quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation a licensed and trained technician will install the necessary equipment recommended for your premises. This is followed by a complete thorough inspection of the premises and a report provided documenting any potential problems and remedies which will be discussed with you.

You will very possibly notice some pest activity after this treatment and installation. This is a sign that the pests in your premises are moving out, permanently!

The regular services are provided on a monthly basis (every month) to the premises. This is especially important as our environmentally friendly systems need to be checked regularly to ensure optimum performance as well as a monitoring report needs to be provided to you indicating results related to activity. As long as your premises provide food and shelter, it is at risk of infestation and hence the regular inspections are crucial to eliminate these risks.

Our Monthly Service includes:

  • The installed equipment is inspected to ensure 100% functionality.
  • Our service report will include activity, sightings as well as issues causing reoccurring activity such as housekeeping and structural damage.
  • The report will indicate areas of activity and methods of remedy.
  • Our technician will work with the management and staff to explain the workings of the pest free system in their store and assist them with advice as to housekeeping and structural remedies they need to address.
  • A Pest Free file will be left on the premises of each site, containing information pertaining to the technology being utilised on the site, a description of the whereabouts of all the equipment installed as well as a copy of every service report.
  • All reporting for your internal/external audits is available in this file at all times.
  • A quarterly meeting between our key accounts manager and your site/premises manager will be scheduled in order to review the reports.

We at Pest Free SA know we have the best pest control systems in the world. We approach the problem of pests from the real cause – pest invasion – and we know our solutions are by far the most effective and technologically advanced in the world. With satisfied customers across the world, we are more than confident that our environmentally friendly systems can solve your pest control problem.

“The truly GREEN Structural Pest Management Specialists”

We offer our clients a cost effective, 100% chemical free solutions in dealing with nuisance pests.